Virtual friend

© Letícia Thompson

I’ll open the doors.

From my computer!

In between!!!

Bring it to me

This delicious laugh

That never echoes!

Tell me

His old stories,

Let me go to bed

On your invisible shoulders

And hold on to your firm hands! …

I can not look into your eyes,

But I can feel his gaze,

And his words

Enter right in

In my heart.

The world seems so small

Behind this network!

Ah! You come

And I do not even know where,

No passport

Crosses the borders

From the limit of the impossible,

It brings peace and comfort,

One word, one verse

And colorful flowers

Without perfume,

But what are balm

To the soul! …

I’ll open my house

For you to enter! …

Have coffee with cake,

Tell me about you

Let me laugh your laughter,

And let me dry your tears,

If need be.

You’re not just a name.

Who hides behind an arroba,

You have soul

And wings,

Like the real angels …

You have an “I”

What you need and should

To be respected,

What you need and should

Be loved.

Of virtual, in fact,

You have nothing!!!

Of course!!!

My coffee has no flavor.

And my cake is not sweet,

When virtual,

But my affection

Is my love

They are, in this whole network,

All that I have is more real.


Enter without knocking !!!

Sit down!

There is coffee, cake

It’s my friendship

Waiting for you

Behind screen

From my computer.

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